St Raphaël combines the charm of tradition with the modernity of an aperitif. It’s French heritage with memorable esthetics and this campaign was all about connecting the popular spirit with the excitement and heroism of cycling. 
Its bold graphic design speaks to the imagination with monumental shapes, daring color blocks and razor sharp compositions. When translating this to motion swing jazz was the perfect inspiration: stomping rhythms, blazing trumpets and catchy-yet-clever melodies.

After selecting the perfect track, our mission was to block all motion to fit the geometrical nature of the brand’s style, while designing new elements that seamlessly fit the already iconic visuals. It turned out to be quite the balancing act, with every inconsistency immediately sticking out like a sore thumb. But when done right, it fits like a glove.

Every one of the ten legendary cycling events needed its own unique identity, almost like solving a visual riddle, but we made sure to hide enough easter eggs in there for the true cycling fans. Can you find them all?

Working with these iconic designs was actually quite intimidating. The heritage of St Raphaël is a rich and strong one and it has been adapted to countless media across the decades, like buses, trams, cycling jerseys, but also table tops, benches, jugs and glasses. Always present in an intense and distinguished manner, so we took extra care when bringing it into motion to honor the daring design.

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