Meet Marco and Trinny.

This charming couple helps customers to find the best promos Okay has to offer. As real superheroes they appear in folders and instore screens to reveal the sharpest deals of the moment.

TRINNY is curious, but in a healthy way. Very social as she knows all the neigbours by name. Because she talks to everyone, she knows what is going on in the village. For every product, she knows how to create a momentum. 

She can be a little clumsy sometimes, has a sharp tongue and can spot all good deals!

MARCO is a charming guy. He is playful towards the kids in the neighbourhood, carries the elder ladies’ groceries, talks to everyone. He knows the best prices and is always looking for the inspiration for new products, recipes, … He knows all about what Okay has to offer!

This helpful guy fixes both your broken tabs AND the best deals in the shop!


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