Crossing worlds

We teamed up with Dead Pixel to create a stunning mix between live action and hand drawn animation. A tribute to the rich heritage of Japan’s history of animation and a celebration of the layered character of the new Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross PHEV.

Crossing worlds together, chasing calm or excitement, being silent or loud… we visualized these concepts with animations that would drive the story onward. As a supporting character next to the car, both connected and enchanting.

Both technical and stylistic, our team worked hard to combine each facet of this complex personality to make it look naturally, blended and effortless. Every scene was approached as a separate world, but with an underlying connection between all shots. Adding dynamic effects accentuates speed and power, guiding us from one shot to the next, but we also created a complete transition to dive into the world of rally, with detailed nods and winks to Mitsubishi’s astonishing results in that field.




The animated characters -both human and magical- guide you through Mitsubishi’s world with elegance. We saw it as a creative opportunity to mix the individual strengths in our team and push the boundaries. Where character design meets compositing, and different animation techniques come together, mixed with the real world, that’s where our team creates their best work.

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