Hippo & Friends

Diabetes Type 1 is a serious matter for children. They are fighting each and every day against their condition, needing daily injections of insulin to keep their blood glucose levels under control. Aka De Mensen reached out to us to support the kind people of the vzw Hippo And Friends to help raise awareness for these brave warriors.

Not on our tiptoes, not romanticising, never childish - that’s our motivation.

These children are way more mature than we’d sometimes like to think and they deserve to be addressed as such. Imagining their world was an intense and humbling experience. Enter Camille Chailloux, one of Volstok’s animation talents. Her rough and direct illustration style catches your attention, with vibrating colors and dynamic compositions to match.
Together with CD Wouter Sel they created a storyboard of Hippo’s adventures. 

Did we say adventures? We meant an ordinary day. Children with Type 1 Diabetes experience highs and lows throughout the day. We needed to capture that change of energy in our film. Thankfully we were working closely with the insanely talented Mauro Pawlowski. After a couple of brainstorm sessions with our musical hero we had constructed a nice flow in pictures and music. We could feel all the pieces falling together.

This project is dripping with passion and sincerity.
It's an outcry for children that desperately need our help.
You can help too, so please head over to
and make a difference for all Hippos out there!

  • Animation Director

    Camille Chailloux 

  • Design

    Camille Chailloux

  • Script development

    Wouter Sel

  • Lead Animators

    Camille Chailloux

    Lenny Biesemans

    Wouter Sel

  • Music Composition & Lyrics

    Mauro Pawlowski

  • Agency

    AKA De Mensen 

  • Client

    Hippo & Friends vzw

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