Five seconds of pure adventure

" In only FIVE seconds, our intention is to immerse people into a world of adventure,
present them an impression of a timeless Canadian landscape and feel part of a tribe of native Americans"

This was how we convinced Bellewaerde and BBDO to collaborate with us for their latest video commercial introducing the Wakala, a new rollorcoaster at their theme park. 

Our goal was to capture the unique identity of Bellewaerde and the origin story of the Wakala ride. That is why we chose to do the scene in ONE take, making it extremely dynamic and saving screen time in storytelling. Every frame is a hand drawn element that helps tell the story.


We honoured the tribal style of North America and translated it into a relevant and contemporary visual language that fits Bellewaerde like a glove.
Our concept marries the flat tribal style with extreme perspectives, for maximum impact and a hand crafted feel. 

  • Animation / Creative Director

    Woutel Sel

  • Producer

    Sarah Verhofstadt

  • Live Director

    Wim Geudens

  • Lead Animator

    David Chambolle

  • Animator

    Lenny Biesemans

  • Compositor

    Sören Selleslagh

  • Concept Illustrators

    Sören Selleslagh, Jonas De Vacht, Raats Linde, Wouter Sel

  • Production Company


  • Agency


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