AS Adventure

Are you more of an adrenaline junky or a mindful stroller?

AS Adventure asked us to develop an image campaign translating their core values to the very broad audience of clients and employees they have. Both the die-hard adventurer and a mom buying bathing suits for her kids need to be able to identify with the brand’s promise. 
Why? Because they are both adventurous in their own personal way.

Create your personalized video by choosing your own path to adventure.

That gave us the idea of creating an interactive video experience. By selecting your prefered path to adventure, you get to see your personalized video. The core message is the same but the interpretation and visualization is based on the viewer’s choises.

We created 12 different settings to visualize adventure, resulting in 64 unique combination video's depending on the choices you made. 

Each adventureous setting could also be used on is own for social communication and was printed on a postcard. 

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